Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lautertal I

A small tour along the "Castle Trail" along a river called Lauter. The first ruins on the way, St. Ruprecht, could almost be missed if there wasn't a sign. Not really any walls left. Monsberg Ruins though still has a bit of a tower, some walls and part of a cellar. The most impressive former castle is Wartstein with a rebuilt tower overlooking the valley and the region. The way back was along the river where a heron tried to fly away from us but constantly managed to fly into the direction in which we were going so he started and landed at least 10 times until he realized that it would be better to fly upriver.

 Ruins Monsberg:

Ruins Wartstein:

Starting point: parking area in Unterwilzingen
Length: 6.7 km

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Another nice valley with usually less people (unless it's snowflake time) is the Briel valley. 
Along the way there is a cave called Kätheren Kuch (Catherine's kitchen) because a woman lived there at the end of the 18th/beginning of the 19th century and whenever she was cooking people from the village could see the smoke. Her parents also live in a cave nearby and lived from what the farmers of the village gave them.
There is also a former castle but the site is quite disappointing - not really anything left there apart from a few hills.

Beginning of the valley:

Further into the valley:


Kätheren's Kuch (Catherine's kitchen):

 The former castle:

Parking area between Altsteußlingen and Briel
Length: 4 km


Saturday, March 8, 2014


I always claim that I grew up in a geologically boring area at least by my standards. The village here is still within the glacial deposits so you find almost nothing but gravel and sand. Not too far away we have Jurassic shales and limestones which are somewhat more interesting because you can find fossils. Due to the limestone the area has lots of caves, springs and numerous ruins built to control the valleys. 
One of these valleys is the "Wolf Valley" which is an attraction in March since you can spot huge fields of snowflakes and a bright red mushroom which is apparently very rare. My pictures of the valley look like there was nobody around but I had to wait a long time to get these shots. It was a weekday but seemed like everybody managed to get out to have a look. Real hiking trails for me next time ;)
The small cave is called "Bear Cave" and was used as a camp in the stone age. 

From Lauterach into the direction of Laufenmühle to big parking area
Length: 3.1 km one way


Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When I was young I believed that you could reach your goals by working hard. It seemed to work for a while until people came along who destroyed everything. Somehow I can't manage to get out of the hole they pushed me into.
So don't make the same mistake. Learn bootlicking or quit. 
Bit late for me now though. 
I started to post some things lately and never felt like publishing so I think I'll rather quit here too.
This blog will still stay online for a bit longer in case I feel like writing again.
Take care!


Früher dachte ich noch, man könne seine Ziele erreichen, wenn man intesiv darauf hinarbeitet. Das schien auch eine Weile lang zu funktionieren bis Menschen kamen, die mir alles zerstörten. Jetzt schaffe ich es nicht mehr aus dem Loch rauszukommen in dem ich gelandet bin.
Macht nicht den selben Fehler. Lernt zu schleimen oder laßt alles einfach sein.
Hier ist der Zug schon abgefahren.
Habe einige Male angefangen, was zu posten aber irgendwie war mir dann doch nicht danach, es zu veröffentlichen also werde ich das hier wohl auch aufhören.
 Der/die/das Blog bleibt noch ein bisschen offen falls ich doch noch mal in Schreiblaune bin.

Macht's gut.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Granite Tors

One of my favourite hikes in Alaska. Had to think about it when looking at coverage of the wildfire in Yosemite because parts of the trail had been destroyed by fire when we were hiking there (we almost lost our way and had to make a big detour to get back on track). A "tor" is a free-standing rock formation which has been preserved due to the resistance of weathering of the rocks relative to their surrounding.
It's also nice to see how the vegetation conquers back the areas of previous fires. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates here recently - I wish I could say it was because I am enjoying life. Some people are doing their best to destroy my future ... I cannot be more specific at the moment (www never forgets and so on).

Da gewisse Mitmenschen ihr Möglichstes tun, um mir meine Zukunft kaputt zu machen ist es hier gerade etwas still. Tut mir leid. Kann leider auch nicht mehr über die momentane Situation schreiben.